TfL Staff Welfare Fund

The Transport for London Staff Welfare Fund (SWF) was established with money provided by TfL and is used to help those in need, hardship or distress. Although the SWF is administered by the Transport Benevolent Fund CIO, funds are available for any employees or pensioners of TfL or its subsidiaries, whether they are a member of TBF or not.

The Staff Welfare Fund can sometimes help with one-off cash grants to qualifying people who find themselves in short-term need, hardship or distress. SWF may help someone if they are:

  • receiving a pension from the TfL Pension Fund
  • employed by TfL or any of its subsidiaries
  • certain staff of other employers (where they have a contractual right to be in the TfL Pension Fund)
  • an ex-employee who left service due to age, ill-health or redundancy (but not other deferred pensioners)
  • dependants who are drawing benefits from TfL Pension Fund.

If the SWF is able to help it can only provide one-off help to relieve short-term need, hardship or distress.

In the past 12 months beneficiaries have been helped with convalescence, medical equipment, mobility equipment, rental deposit and arrears on a priority bill i.e. rent, mortgage, council tax, electricity, gas, water.

The SWF is unable to help with nursing/care home fees, car repairs, holidays, optical, dental or white goods.

If you are someone experiencing need, hardship or distress and meet the eligibility mentioned above then please contact our friendly staff. Simply send us an enquiry, and we will be in touch as soon as we can.

A brief explanation of the help you seek along with employment history, employee number or pension reference number will ensure the enquiry is dealt with quickly. Enquiries are welcomed from the prospective beneficiary themselves or from their close relatives.

While help offered is generally by way of a cash grant, this is not normally sufficient to meet the full cost of whatever help is needed.